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      SL35 Slant Bed CNC Lathe

      • Model:SL35
      • Category:Slant Bed Type Lathe
      • Price:面議
      • Origin:Jiangsu

      SL35 Slant Bed CNC Lathe

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      • This machine is applied to precision machining of the shaft, disk type parts.
      • With the 45°overall high strength cast iron slant bed, smooth chip removal, good rigidity.
      • Precision high-rigidity linear rolling guide.
      • Ten stations hydraulic turret, the nearest tool change.
      • High-speed spindle unit(4000rpm).
      • Hydraulic tail-stock.

      Linear guideways
      Linear guideways provide high-speed rapid traverses, high rigidity, and precise positioning


      Specification Unit SL35 SL35A
      Max. swing over bed mm 350
      Max. swing over carriage mm 130
      Max. work piece length mm 400
      Travel for X axis mm 350 280
      Travel for Z axis mm 400
      X/Z Axis Re-positioning Accuracy mm 0.007 / 0.008 0.01
      X/Z Axis fast moving speed m/min 15 6
      Tool number PCS 6
      Tool type   Gang tool type or 6 / 8 tool turret
      Tool shank size mm 20×20
      Main spindle motor power KW 4/5.5kw
      Spindle nose   A2-5 A2-5
      Max. spindle speed r/min 4000 3200
      Spindle bore mm Φ60
      Cannula mm Φ50
      Overall size mm 1450x1300x1600 1450x1200x1650
      Weight KG 1800 1850
      Railway   Liner Railway Hard facing Railway


      Standard Accessory Optional Accessory
      GSK980-TB3 CNC controller SIEMENS / FANUC /SYNTEC/GSK980TDc CNC controller or as required
      3 Jaws hydraulic chuck( 8″) Manual chuck/ Pneumatic chuck/ Collect chuck
      Gang tool type 6/8 position Electric tool turret/ Hydraulic Servo turret
      4KW converter spindle motor Servo spindle motor
      X/Z axis liner guide way   Axis hard face Railway
      Manual chip pan moving out from side Automatic chip convey
      Hydraulic station Auto door and robot arm
      Warning light Automatic bar feeder



      Address:No.8 Jinrong RD Luming RD Yancheng city Jiangsu PV. China
      Fax:0086 0515-88130466